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Six Color Printing Machine

Six Color Printing Machine


This machine is suitable for BOPP,PET,PE,PVC,CPP,cellophane,paper, and aluminum foil,and other fine print of the reel-shaped multi-color continuous printing material.

1.Printing color:six color(can do up to thirteen color)

2.Printing color group may change according to customer requirements,can print both sides of the completion of a one-time continuous

3.Adopted for both duplex retractable flip structure;achieve non stop material

4.The host can use speed or frequency electromagnetic

5.Unwinding Unwinding and traction adopts magnetic powder brake

6.Rolling and rolling torque motor traction control are used

7.Electric Smart Thermostat

8.Single drying tunnel design,easy to wear materials

9.Loading method:a shaft installed version

Second,Main technical parameter



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